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About Me

Dr. Chaneé Rudolph is a Licensed Marriage and Family therapist, with a PhD in Christian Counseling and educational training in Forensic Psychology. Dr. Rudolph approaches her work through a holistic healing lens, implementing cultural and faith based responsiveness. She has extensive experience working with individuals and families, graduate level teaching, clinical consultation/supervision, and delivering school based and in-home therapeutic services for adolescents and families through culturally specific mental health programs. Dr. Rudolph is trained in a variety therapeutic approaches, and has presented both statewide and nationally as a cultural facilitator and keynote speaker on Racial and Historical Trauma. In her work, she integrates therapeutic models and faith based principles, in order to create an in-depth awareness of one's narrative. Dr. Chaneé will be adding Christian Life Coaching to her services in 2025!! 


Mission and Vision: The mission and vision of Anchored Ascension is to cultivate sacred spaces that support the creation of impactful narrative. This collective journey seeks to invite courageous conversations, challenge ideals, and encourage authenticity. 


Anchored Ascension was birthed out of a desire to journey with others on their path to self- empowerment and divine wholeness. Dr. Chaneé utilizes her gifts and passions to create sacred spaces of healing. Her belief is that once you are anchored in who you know yourself to be, ascension is inevitable.  

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